A Community-Led Disaster, Recovery & Resilience Gathering

May 15, 16 & 17, 2024  |  Sunriver, Oregon

Lomakatsi Restoration

Lomakatsi Restoration Project, a nonprofit organization, stands as a proponent of ecological principles guiding its restoration work. Focused on education, outreach, forestry workforce training, and community-supported watershed restoration, Lomakatsi employs a philosophy that recognizes nature as the primary force in restoration, with their role being supportive without introducing additional issues. Collaborative partnerships form the backbone of their Restoration Forestry Program, fostering long-term relationships with agencies, tribes, conservation groups, industry, and forest-based communities in Oregon and Northern California. With a unique, holistic approach to restoration, Lomakatsi integrates Western science and Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge to restore forest communities, wildlife habitats, and address the threat of severe wildfires. The team also emphasizes environmental education, training programs, and tribal-led initiatives to empower communities and build sustainable ecosystem restoration programs.