A Community-Led Disaster, Recovery & Resilience Gathering

May 15, 16 & 17, 2024  |  Sunriver, Oregon

Featured Topics & Resources

Survivor Insights

Lessons learned and a collective debrief

Conversation & Participation

Conversation starters and audience participation


Technical Assistance Providers with Communities

At the Summit we will strengthen our collective understanding of disaster relief, recovery, and resiliency, enhancing our preparedness for future disasters and identifying gaps in crucial disaster supports.

First Half Discussion


The first half of our conference is dedicated to “Reflections,” serving as a collective debrief of the disasters and recovery efforts from the past few years, beginning with the 2020 Labor Day fires. Amidst the exchange of insights, stories, and more, we will reflect on lessons learned, celebrate success, and identify areas of improvement in our response and recovery. These reflections are not only a place for learning and networking but for healing and processing individual experiences, with workshops centering healing, and expert knowledge on mental health in response to recovery work and experiencing disaster. These sessions will provide inspiration and connection to one another – our state’s greatest resources. With “Conversation Starters,” new partnerships and practical tools – we can take this back to our individual communities with and access to experts, we can all take these relationships and information back into our communities with the goal of healing and fostering resilience.

Second Half Discussion


In the second half of the conference, we will shift our focus to “Horizons,” charting the path to building resilience for the future. As we explore current models and share real-world applications we will learn from the experts while connecting to practical, tangible resources to bring back to the communities we serve. We envision a future where Oregon communities can better mitigate, recover, and emerge from disaster. We cannot avoid disaster, but we can fortify and foster a united front – starting with connecting to one another.

Hosting Partners

Hosted by five core organizations with unique perspectives on disaster recovery and resilience and supported by dozens of partners across the state.

All Are Welcome

Why Community-led?

An oft told adage is “disasters start and end locally.” This continues to prove true and place-based nonprofits are so often the “first ones in, and last ones out” when it comes to disasters. The Summit will focus primarily on these nonprofit and community-based organizations (CBOs) — the frontliners and experts who serve their communities in the hours, days, and years after a disaster strikes. We note this with the knowledge that effective disaster response, recovery and prevention requires coordination across all sectors, and we very much look forward to welcoming public sector agencies, philanthropic organizations, community residents, regional and national groups, and many other allies and friends. We can all continue to learn so much from one another as we work towards a more resilient Oregon.

Sunriver Resort

Join us at the Sunriver Resort in beautiful Central Oregon this May 15, 16 and 17th.

The Sunriver Resort is located southwest of Bend, Oregon, near the base of the Cascade Mountain range. Situated along the Deschutes River and the Deschutes Forest, it offers extraordinary vistas, opportunities for adventure and relaxing spots to convene with Nature.