A Community-Led Disaster, Recovery & Resilience Gathering

May 15, 16 & 17, 2024  |  Sunriver, Oregon

Hosted by five organizations working in disaster recovery, response, and resiliency.

In the wake of the compounding disasters Oregonians have experienced over the past few years, nonprofits and community based organizations across the state came to aid their communities with a variety of services and supports.

The Oregon Resilience Summit signifies a unique alliance, bringing together many organizations, each representing distinct missions and perspectives on disaster response; the Summit’s hosts are just five of these many organizations across the state. The Summit’s content and curation was supported by dozens of CBOs, survivors, philanthropic entities and more we hold a shared vision of connecting communities to our state’s greatest resource – one another! – as together we tackle the tough conversations, celebrate the wins, identify the gaps, and look towards what’s next.

Lomakatsi Restoration

Lomakatsi Restoration Project, a nonprofit organization, stands as a proponent of ecological principles guiding its restoration work. Focused on education, outreach, forestry workforce training, and community-supported watershed restoration, Lomakatsi employs a philosophy that recognizes nature as the primary force in restoration, with their role being supportive without introducing additional issues. Collaborative partnerships form the backbone of their Restoration Forestry Program, fostering long-term relationships with agencies, tribes, conservation groups, industry, and forest-based communities in Oregon and Northern California. With a unique, holistic approach to restoration, Lomakatsi integrates Western science and Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge to restore forest communities, wildlife habitats, and address the threat of severe wildfires. The team also emphasizes environmental education, training programs, and tribal-led initiatives to empower communities and build sustainable ecosystem restoration programs.

McKenzie Valley LTRG

McKenzie Valley Long Term Recovery Group (MVLTRG) has dedicated its efforts to aiding individuals in the aftermath of the 2020 Holiday Farm Fire by focusing on key areas of recovery. Through partnerships with diverse organizations, MVLTRG addresses unmet needs, provides comprehensive recovery resource navigation, offers property surveying and reimbursement, supports repair and rebuilding initiatives, and delivers spiritual and emotional care through licensed professionals. The group’s collaborative approach involves Needs Assessments, with input from various stakeholders, contributing to the success of the Unmet Needs Roundtable and securing funding for rebuilding efforts. MVLTRG’s outreach efforts, spanning advertisements, postcards, walk-in events, and door-to-door visits, have helped shape new programs and advocated for financial support to aid affected individuals and families in their recovery journey.

Raíces de Bienestar

Raíces de Bienestar, established in 2021 as a 501(c)3 non-profit, is dedicated to enhancing the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the Latinx community through culturally-grounded practices, evidence-based interventions, education, and capacity building. Rooted in values of Community, Culture, Trust, Cultural Diversity, Community Wellness, and Sustainable Change, the organization prioritizes continuous professional development, fostering the bilingual & bicultural behavioral health workforce. Offering prevention programs, clinical mental health services, and organizational capacity building, Raíces de Bienestar, founded by Dr. Ruth Zúñiga and Bonnie Lerner, brings over 20 years of collective experience to address mental health disparities. From the “Latinx emotional health signature curriculum” to community programs like charlas, the organization’s impactful journey includes recognition, awards, and a focus on climate resiliency and a mental health clinic, exemplifying its commitment to creating a resilient and empowered Latine community.

Unite Oregon

Unite Oregon, a membership organization led by Black, Indigenous, People of Color, immigrants, refugees, rural communities, and individuals experiencing poverty, is dedicated to addressing six critical issues impacting Oregonians. Anchored in a commitment to amplify community voices in decision-making, Unite Oregon focuses on Climate Justice, advocating against historic and present-day inequities exacerbated by the climate crisis. With housing justice as another priority, Unite Oregon emphasizes the importance of safe, sustainable, and affordable housing. The team calls for a fundamental shift in Community Safety away from coercive measures and emphasizes Education Equity, Economic Justice, and Health Equity, working towards fair access, language inclusivity, and comprehensive health support. With roots in the merger of the Center for Intercultural Organizing and Oregon Action, Unite Oregon represents a unified, intercultural movement, involving members in all aspects of program development to address root causes of economic, political, and social injustice.

Kelley Nonprofit Consulting (Kelley NPC) has been a partner in the nonprofit sector since 2006. With diverse team members working across the state, Kelley NPC spearheads a variety of strategic initiatives for primarily the community nonprofit, philanthropy and public sector. Kelley NPC offers fund development, branding and messaging, strategy, project planning, financial health, fund management, impact evaluation, and support for a variety of work across the disaster landscape. Kelley NPC works to increase the impact of organizations of all sizes and stages. From guiding funding decisions, to securing funding for community nonprofits, to strategically directing foundation and government grantmaking and technical assistance initiatives – Kelley NPC works for the greatest good.